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Вот в Пиндосии тоже оказалось есть такая проблема. Да и вобще весь ютуб забит!
Confronting loud and noisy neighbors

Некие говноеды играли музыку всю ночь)))

8 месяцев назад
I'm 26 and live alone, my fat loser upstairs neighbor is driving me insane he stomps around all night and day its ridiculous. I wish you could help me lol Грустный

5 месяцев назад (изменено)
Had a neighbor who would play loud music and the bass was so disruptive. This was in a small subdivision with large lots, each over 1.5 acres and homes in the $800k-$1.3m range. The nuisance neighbors had inherited the home from a parent who had passed unexpectedly. Multiple neighbors would politely ask they keep it down. At the time my mother was living with us, she had stage 4 brain cancer with 7 inoperable tumors in her brain. I invested over $110k in soundproofing the house, better insulated engineered hardwood siding where there wasn’t brick, sound proof insulation blown into the walls, sound proof roofing material installed and triple pane windows installed. Even had a suite built in the house that was the furthest the neighbors so my mother could live the remainder of her time in peace and quiet. The bass triggered three seizures and she ultimately lost her battle after the last seizure left her in a vegetative state. After nearly 21 months dealing with the issue we had our day in court. I had sued the disruptive neighbor and had a trial with a jury of our peers. Won the case with a judgment amount of $283,743. Glad to say that this has been paid in restitution over the past 6 years with every payment being split between the Susan G Komen Foundation, National Brain Tumor Society and Riley Children’s Hospital all in the name of my late mother.

Jorge Vazquez
7 месяцев назад
They shouldn’t even have an excuse for playing loud music. The thing is loud we could hear it period. Especially like you said it’s not you. They should expect complaints we didn’t ask to hear that.

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El Malifico
3 месяца назад
I swear I’m going through a similar thing right now. My neighbors are this older couple and ever since the pandemic all of their adult children (along with their own children) have moved in. It’s almost every weekend that they’re partying or playing obnoxiously loud music. I already talked to them about it and recently was about to call the cops only to be told that other neighbors have been calling to complain as well which is a relief to know it’s not just me.

Lucas Watts
4 месяца назад
Good for you man, my neighbours are making my life hell loud music always and screaming and shouting till 4am. The landlord wont do anything and I am losing my mind. Good for you again bro.

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